Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mmmmm... Food

In Denver, snow is coming (actually it's snowing this morning), temperatures are falling, and summer is starting to be a distant memory. No worries, Fall is a great time to move inside the studio. A few of my latest food productions...

I love black backgrounds on most everything, including back lit peas. Throw in a little steam and you have a smoking hot pile of veggies. 

Yogurt treats are always a hit. I usually don't execute many "fake" tricks for these, so it is still edible. Cool it in the fridge for a while and enjoy the treat later. In case anyone is wondering, it is:

1) Low fat vanilla yogurt
2) Blueberries
3) Rasberries

Add a bit of granola if you'd like and enjoy.

Just for fun, cheesecake is always yummy and always readily available. For these, you've got to work fast as it tends to melt and turn to mush. Have a few sets to choose from for your "hero" food and bring to the set when everything is set.

That's all for today. Now, go eat, shoot, or whatever Fall activities you do. 

Jon Becker