Monday, July 25, 2011

Telling stories through images

What are you selling?

Mmmmmm. More food. When I make an image, I always shoot multiple looks and takes on the same subject. Why? Sometimes the type of image needed isn't what is requested by the client. Uggg. That's a hard conversation to have when you've shown everything and nothing works in the ad layout, mood, styling, etc. Often, that ends up as a redo shoot which costs both my company and my client company money. Not good for anyone. Check out a few images from a shoot I did recently and see how they are different.

It's just a sandwich right? Right. The attention is clearly where it needs to be. Nothing else gets in the way. Everything surrounding the subject is only there for decoration.

Now check out the following image. This is a lifestyle type shot. The model is more prominent in the shot. The viewers eyes will naturally scan the image usually starting with the model's eyes. The red also is a strong color, so next may be the glass filled with refreshment. Then on to the sandwich. Lifestyle with a person enjoying a product is often portrayed in many styles of advertisements. We like to see people and often project ourselves into their situations. If they enjoy something, we should too.

Different take on a lifestyle shot. Our model is clearly enjoying the sandwich. Definitely, the sandwich is more front and center. The models eyes are down toward the sandwich, not closed, but averted from the camera. This type of a shot more directly focuses on the sandwich. Also, note that the sandwich is in sharp focus while the model is slightly soft. This also helps focus attention on the sandwich.

I'm glad to capture many different types of shots, so I don't have to either not meet my client's vision or redo the shoot. All are nice shots with each having a different purpose. I'd love to hear which shot you prefer?

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