Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy July 4th Weekend

To all my readers in the U.S., happy July 4th weekend. I hope you take time to enjoy the holiday with family and friends. While you're at it, eat well.

More food today... I had another opportunity to work with Chef Trusan of Trusan Cuisines ( to make this wonderful fruit themed gazpacho. This is a fun summer themed dish to enjoy.

There are a few tips and techniques for shooting food in either a studio or location setting I often start out with. These are really guidelines and not hard and fast rules. Camera and lens also play key roles... mostly the lens. I shot with a Canon 5D mark ii and a 100mm 2.8L prime macro lens. No zoom on this shoot to get the best image quality possible. Back to guidelines...

Number 1: Backlighting will often get you in the ballpark immediately. All shots had 1 strobe behind and camera left to put dimension on the dish and especially the blueberries. I did at a bit of front fill with another strobe to knock out a few shadows. Most food can be shot with only one light though. 

Number 2: Get close. Zoom in to show detail of your subject. I usually shoot both wide and close to decide what is best later. You never know what type of an image will fit into the art directors vision and layout, so I shoot both.

This shot shows the light and dimensions especially on the blueberries. Next time you look at a food magazine, look for clues to the lighting setup, direction of light, intensity, and light modifiers. You'll be amazed at how much you can learn.  

That's all for today. More to come next week. I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. Happy July 4th.

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