Thursday, June 23, 2011

In Celebration of Summer!!!

I've had a great honor of collaborating with a local chef to create images of food and beverage. Summer is one of my favorite times to shoot because I get to be outdoors. While this is great, sometimes the harsh sun and shadows make it complicated to get what I'd like. This day totally cooperated. It was quite cloudy and even had a few sprinkles to cool everyone off. Clouds are great to shoot under as the lighting softens considerably. Just a few mirrors to throw some light back on the lemons to brighten them up was all that was needed. I really like it when nature does most of the work. It sure beats carrying around diffusers, softboxes, etc.

Here are a few shots from my last collaboration.

Who doesn't love lemonade?

I love action in my "still" shots...

Now, I hope everyone else has a bit of summer fever with great food and drinks in their future. I'm thirsty.

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