Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Announcing Denver Commercial Photographers Group

To all Denver based photographers (or travelers through Denver) ... 

Come join Jon Becker Photography as we explore the ins and outs of commercial photography including products, industrial, location, and events. This is a great opportunity to feel what a real produced shot is like and develop your skills. Join us at Denver-Commercial-Photographers.

To all Denver based small businesses (or US based small businesses looking for affordable photography) ...

Jon Becker Photography announces an innovation to bring affordable yet high quality commercial photography to your business. Do you have a product or lifestyle shot to be produced? We can get that done for you with a group environment. Contact me with your product or idea for feasibility. Not all projects will be suitable, but I invite you into the discussion of what you might like and would work for you.

This is a perfect opportunity for small companies to show their uniqueness with great images. I can't want to see the images and see companies grow with fresh, innovative imagery.

Jon Becker

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