Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Announcing Denver Commercial Photographers Group

To all Denver based photographers (or travelers through Denver) ... 

Come join Jon Becker Photography as we explore the ins and outs of commercial photography including products, industrial, location, and events. This is a great opportunity to feel what a real produced shot is like and develop your skills. Join us at Denver-Commercial-Photographers.

To all Denver based small businesses (or US based small businesses looking for affordable photography) ...

Jon Becker Photography announces an innovation to bring affordable yet high quality commercial photography to your business. Do you have a product or lifestyle shot to be produced? We can get that done for you with a group environment. Contact me with your product or idea for feasibility. Not all projects will be suitable, but I invite you into the discussion of what you might like and would work for you.

This is a perfect opportunity for small companies to show their uniqueness with great images. I can't want to see the images and see companies grow with fresh, innovative imagery.

Jon Becker

Thursday, June 23, 2011

In Celebration of Summer!!!

I've had a great honor of collaborating with a local chef to create images of food and beverage. Summer is one of my favorite times to shoot because I get to be outdoors. While this is great, sometimes the harsh sun and shadows make it complicated to get what I'd like. This day totally cooperated. It was quite cloudy and even had a few sprinkles to cool everyone off. Clouds are great to shoot under as the lighting softens considerably. Just a few mirrors to throw some light back on the lemons to brighten them up was all that was needed. I really like it when nature does most of the work. It sure beats carrying around diffusers, softboxes, etc.

Here are a few shots from my last collaboration.

Who doesn't love lemonade?

I love action in my "still" shots...

Now, I hope everyone else has a bit of summer fever with great food and drinks in their future. I'm thirsty.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shooting with the Colorado AMA - Peak Awards Event

Sorry for the brief hiatus. I have been traveling and shooting in some of the most beautiful places in the world... Kauai and Maui in Hawaii. Not a bad place to be. I can’t wait to share some of the images from that trip; however, pretty much right after my return, I had the opportunity to shoot with the Colorado American Marketing Association and their Peak Awards celebration. First, I want to thank Toast & Jam for inviting me in for the evening. Second, I want to thank all the teams, organizers, and participants for having a great time and making it easy for me to make great pictures.

Event shooting is one of the most fun things for me to do. I’ve run into dark rooms, location problems, challenging lighting, people who enjoy being photographed, and some who don’t. To me, it’s really shooting without a net as the organizers always expect great images, but I never really have the complete picture (pun intended) of the environment before I arrive. I try to arrange pre-event walkthroughs, although the lighting, ambiance, is never quite the same. I had a great time with the group, met some fabulous people and hopefully, produced images that are unique to the AMA, the teams, and sponsors. Check out of few below.

I love to try and capture something a little different with the ambiance.

This was in a VERY dark room. The ability to shoot high-ISO without much noise is a huge step forward for capturing these shots.

Group shots are always a bit tricky. Fun to make though...

More ambience in the dark. Fun shooting!

Marketers are always a bit more fun than the average group. Creative personalities really shine through.

Event shooting is about being able to capture the ambiance, people, and timeline to help tell the story of the event. Being able to think fast on your feet and problem solve doesn’t hurt either. Thanks again to all who made this event happen, and I hope you've enjoyed the images. I appreciate the invitation.

That’s all for now. Now if only I can get the Hawaii pictures done, I’ll share those soon. Ciao all!