Wednesday, May 11, 2011

When does custom imagery matter?

Imagery goes with marketing, branding, communications, and PR like toast and jam. It tells your customers, employees, and other stakeholders a lot about your company. Are you: Multicultural? Client focused? Have a diverse customer base? Are you fun? Do you have a sense of humor? The list goes on and on.
Have a look at these images...

There’s really nothing wrong with them, but do they represent your company? They are all stock images and are used over and over in campaigns, advertisements, reports, and the like. And you’ve probably noticed, they have a “stock” look. I did not shoot them although I own them as part of my stock library I've accumulated over the years.
Custom imagery counts when you look to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Will images like these do that?
Instead of the general sameness of many images seen in many annual reports, campaigns, and PR, dare to be different. That’s how we all succeed in business and why custom imagery matters.
Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we explore when to use stock images versus when custom images rule the day. Till next time.

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