Thursday, May 5, 2011

Shooting with the Denver Roller Dolls and “How to heard 100 cats”

If you haven’t seen Roller Derby or checked out it’s surging popularity, you’re missing out. I’ve shot derby for the last few years and have been blessed to have developed a relationship with the Denver Roller Dolls ( While action has been a blast to shoot, tricky lighting, action, tattoos, great characters in the crowd, I also get to make pictures with the teams and even the league photo of 100+ people. Do I have advise for pulling this off in about 15 minutes? My strategies for this go something like this...

  1. Have an assistant (or several)
  2. Know who the influencers are and enlist them to help
  3. Plan for shots you may be requested for, but your client hasn’t considered yet
  4. Plan for uneven lighting on big crowds
  5. Have a sense of humor (really important)

This picture required 1 assistant and 4 helpers to make a reality. Not too shabby for the amount of time to work with. Whenever you have time constraints, there are compromises, but overall, I’m satisfied with the result.

The refs got into the act too...

And of course, I’ve got to include a few favorite team shots from the year. The Shotgun Betties were a blast to work with, adventuresome, and oh so much fun. Check out a few  “for fun” pics...

Hay bales provided great elevation and stacking options. Hay isn’t the most comfortable thing to lay or sit on, so kudos to the ladies for putting up with me on this one.

I love the ax, I made a deeper shadow across her face for drama, and photoshopped a bit of red across the ax. Don’t worry, it wasn’t used for anything sinister.

Hanging from the rafters, literally.

Be nice to her...

That’s all for today. I know... A bit random, but I love shooting some subjects, and I couldn’t help sharing. These are some of the coolest ladies you’ll ever meet, and it is a “kick in the pants” good time working with them.

Until next blog...

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