Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Welcome - Jon Becker Photography Blog Launch

History is being made! Another blog is launched.I don’t know about making history with so many blogs and voices out on the internet, especially photographers blogs. Is this one different? Reader feedback will tell. But first, this is not a photography blog. I won’t explain all the technical wizardry, visionary approaches, nor will I have definitive answers to every photographic problem.

This blog is about using imagery to grow your business and leverage things you may already be doing more successfully. In short, I hope to start a conversation about different ways businesses can use photography in their business to make more money.

In upcoming editions, we’ll explore:
  • What makes a good image 
  • Working with photographers to make images 
  • Image licensing and usage rights 
  • When to use stock images and when to use custom images 
  • And more... 
Each week I intend to post a business related topic, followed by a creative topic. The photography industry is changing rapidly, yet our world is becoming more and more visual. I can’t wait to discover new ways businesses use imagery, creative ways to make it, and a shared appreciation for compelling images.

Let’s enjoy the journey together.

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