Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shooting Products - Food and why you shouldn’t eat the props

Food is one of my favorite product subjects to shoot at the present time. It requires not only skill behind the camera, but also skills to work with a team effectively. For full-on production shots, your team can include a photographer, assistant(s), food stylist, chef, location manager, etc. Depending on the budget available, you don’t need a complete production team though. Check out a shot made with a terrific local chef and teacher, Chef Trusan of

This chicken salad was on set for more than 2 hours. How did we keep it fresh? A little oil brushed over the chicken goes a long way to extend the life of your prop. 

Strobe modeling lights are hot, so how do keep stuff that’s not cold looking cool? Sometimes, ice is not what it seems. Acrylic ice is often required to make sure ice doesn’t melt. A little glycerin and water can make a refreshing cola which is very much at room temperature for the shoot.

Is this whisky or a bit of gatorade which looks like it? Actually, this is what it is. Depending on the purpose of your image, your tools on hand, and your patience, various props are definitely helpful.

Sometimes food on a photographer’s set is not really all it seems to be. This is always a bit frustrating for me as I don’t get to eat the props, but we all have to sacrifice for our craft. Now, I’m hungry. Time for lunch...

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