Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How do you use imagery in your business?

The answer is different for every company. I’ve seen many different uses of images I’ve produced or in a companies image library. Some of what I’ve experienced are:

  • Event coverage from annual kick-off event used for internal and external PR
  • Sponsor “thank-you” images from charity events
  • Internal award celebrations and recognition images used for team promotion
  • Branding and advertising campaign images
  • Public relations coverage from events or community involvement
  • Images produced for training classes and manuals
  • Celebrity images with executives, teams, etc., used for promotion and media
  • Team images used for internal branding and communication
  • This list goes on and on...

Money is something in short supply for pretty much everyone these days and events, printed materials, charity, etc., all cost money to produce. Smart companies are leveraging anything they do as much as they can. So... What does this have to do with images? All you need to do to radically expand your image library is capture images from things you already do. The next step is to strategize how best to use them and reap the rewards. Easier said than done, but innovative companies are doing just that.

What other ways do you use images to expand you brand, bring stakeholders together, or engage with your customers?

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